Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Complaints from the Peanut Gallery

Alright...I've had enough complaints about my lack of blogging. I'll start again. I promise. See?? Here's a new post already!

It's obviously been ages since I last posted, so I'm not about to catch you up on all the nitty gritty that you've missed. (Really, there hasn't been anything too don't sweat it.) At the end of May, the 4 of us went to Tennessee. We rented a cabin a few miles from Pigeon Forge and had an absolute blast!! We mostly explored Smokey Mountain National Park, visited the Gatlinburg Aquarium (which was amazing), and enjoyed a little putt-putt and kid stuff. We all had a blast...did I mention that we had a blast?? Jackson cried the day we left and is counting down the days until we go back!

Brad and I really enjoyed the National Park. We both saw bears in the wild for the first time. It was amazing! (Even more amazing was how close people get just to get a picture of them...unbelievable. Really, it makes me even more confident in my belief that people should have to pass an IQ test before being able to vote.) We saw some amazing streams and waterfalls...and of course mountains. The boys, however, were not as impressed with all of these things as we were. But that's ok...that's what portable DVD players are for!

I think Jackson's favorite expedition (besides our big nature trail hike) was his trip to the "cowboy store." They were both determined to get "all cowboyed up" (as the sales clerk called it). Before we went in, Jackson said he wanted cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, etc, etc. I said "Well, you can't get everything!"

He said, "Ok. Maybe I'll just get a lasso."

Needless to say, they are both the proud owners of cowboy boots and hats. Here is a picture of Jackson yelling "yeeeeehaw!"

I think I have to admit...he looks more "hillbillied up" to me. But hey...when in Tennessee...

I'll leave you with some pics from our vacation. Yeehaw!

OH...and I forgot to case you didn't know yet, I'm now a brunette. Check it out:
Vacation pics...and if you are on've already seen 'em:


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