Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!!

You are probably wondering why I moved sites...well...don't get me started. Blogspot is just sooooo much more user friendly. And when I found out that it cost $60/year to upload videos to the other site...well....I had just had it!

So! That being said...welcome to my new site!! I will (hopefully) start moving some of the older posts over here. It makes me a little sad to have to leave them behind...but we'll see if I really ever have time to do that. Ha!

In the mean time, bookmark this new site because this is where my new updates are gonna' be. You can also sign up to receive my updated posts via email (if you wish). Browse the side bar a little...and go say hi to my cyber-fish! They like when you feed them!! (Just click your mouse in the fish bowl.) I know...I'm easily entertained.

Also, if the music bugs can turn it off. It's on the right hand side...scroll down the side bar until you find the playlist and hit pause.

Ok, I'm off to go polish up this site a bit!

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