Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ok. To start...yes...thanks to everyone for the harassing emails. I know, I know. Lately I stink at blogging...and in a couple of weeks, I'll fill you in on the reason behind my absence.

In the meantime...seeing as it is 20 degrees outside...I thought I'd share something that has been keeping us busy lately! (Not to mention extra cold!) Ice skating! Yes, Jackson is taking ice skating lessons...with the hopes of trying out ice hockey. (No, not figure skating. But with Jackson, you never know.) He has been taking lessons now since September and is absolutely loving it! I wouldn't say we have a "natural" on our hands...but he is learning.
He's getting better at not falling down...but then, we all know Jackson is not a dare devil and avoids risks at all costs. However, falling is inevitable.
Such is life. Now we have to working on falling and not getting an attitude afterwards!Oh well. It's all part of the fun!

So...hockey player? Figure skater (gulp!)? Actually, I don't have my money on either one. Now all he talks about is wanting to play soccer. Sigh.