Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My summer theme song

You know how you hear a certain song and it takes you back to an exact moment in time?? I can feel the exact temperature, the precise humidity in the air, sense the same exact lighting and have the clearest memory of what you were doing when you used to listen to that song??? Yes. You know what I mean.

Well, it seems to me that the clearest memories of most of "my songs" were during the summer. This is probably because when I was in school I was a major stress case. (I know...not me.) So, in the summer, I could actually relax and enjoy life. I think that is why summer songs mean the most to me. Let's journey back a few years and re-live some of "my songs." the Beach Boys. "Aruba, Jamaica, eeeeewwwww I wanna take ya...." You know the one. Well, when I hear this song it totally reminds me of a nightmarish family trip we took to Michigan one summer. This was right when the movie "Cocktail" came out. We had the soundtrack on tape and listened to it the entire way to Michigan....the entire time we were in Michigan...and the entire way home from Michigan. I actually think T.C. thought he was Tom Cruise that summer. (I have a photo as proof...but unfortunately I don't have a scanner...Mom, can you help me out on this one??) Anyway. That is one of my summer songs.

Jack and none other than John Cougar Mellencamp. This was a favorite song of mine when I was sixteen (and to this day). I remember this one well because I had just gotten my driver's license. Of course there was nothing else to do in Seymour except hang out in "the lot," go to Taco Bell, and cruise the country. Well...we cruised the country many an hour listening to this one. We would scream at the top of our lungs "hold on to sixteen as long as you caaaaaaan. Changes come around real soon make us women and men." We never thought we'd see the day when we weren't in high school...let alone thirty something.

You Make Me Feel so Frank Sinatra. {{{{sigh}}}} Oh how I looooooove Frank Sinatra. My love for him started one summer when my mom and I made a trip to Chicago. We used to go every summer for a few days. We'd stay just off of Michigan Avenue and shop our hearts out. Well, one summer, in Crabtree and Evelyn...we heard this song. I asked the gal what CD was playing and immediately ran down the street and bought it. (So began my love for Frank...and Louis...and Bing....) These are the songs that make me think I was born in the wrong decade.

So...WTH am I posting about, anyway?? Summer songs. Well, today as I was driving I heard my summer song!! You know...Sarah's summer song 2009. It's amazing!! clearly does not compare to the Beach Boys, John Mellencamp, or Frank. (Seriously...who would??) It actually reminds me of a combination of "Iko Iko" and "A little bit of Monica..."

Now...throw all your cares away...grab a Margarita...and enjoy! And if you aren't literally shaking your groove thing before this song is over...well...then we probably aren't true friends anyway. (Oh...don't forget to scroll down the right side and PAUSE MY MUSIC before you try and listen to the video!!!)

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  1. Okay, I own this album and LOVE this song!!! This is a huge departure from the type of music he nomrally sings, but it's great and it makes me want to DANCE!!! He's come to Chicago and Indy a few times, but I've never had anyone to go with! Next time he's in Chicago, I'll be at N.C. State for cardio!!!