Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Got Hormones???

Since I stink at blogging lately...most of you probably already know that baby #3 is a girl!! I'm still in shock and can't quite get used to buying pink. No really. Every time I buy something that is pink, I get all sweaty and nervous. What's up with that?? Maybe once she actually arrives and I know it really has girl parts, then I'll be ok. I think I'm still a bit in denial.

Soooooo....as it goes with most pregnancies....I have my good days and bad days. The other day was a bad day. Well...for the cat. You see, Griszy, our handsome little beast of a cat, loves to barf up hairballs. I've gotten used to it over the years...such is the life of owning a medium haired cat. Well, the other day I found a newly hurled hairball inside my new pair of shoes!! That was it. Hormone switch ON. I decided it was time to end the hairball situation and just shave the cat. (Now, you must understand that our cat is 7ish years old and has never been shaved. But the idea was genius.)

As I'm grabbing my clippers and an unsuspecting cat and heading out the door...the phone rang. It was Brad. "Hey, what are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm taking the cat outside and getting ready to shave him!" I exclaimed...still in a bit of a post-hairball-episode rage.

"Sarah, you are hormonal. You are going crazy. Put. The cat. Down," Brad said calmly...as if he was trying to talk me down from a ledge.

I told Brad that my decision was made, the cat was getting shaved, end of story, thank you, goodbye.

Well...about a half an hour, several scratches, and a few bite attempts later (Griszy isn't the only one with cat-like reflexes!)....I ended up with a semi-shaved cat. I was going for the "lion cut" look...but by the time I reached his front legs and chest he was all teeth. I know when it is time to compromise. Actually, it didn't turn out too bad!



I think he turned out pretty well. And the best part....NO HAIRBALLS!! He may have found his new haircut!

Lookout, Chopper. You're next!