Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Well...haven't blogged for a while because we've all been sick! Fevers, runny noses, coughs, sore throats. Yuck! The only one who didn't get it was Brad. He says he's a "machine" and that a virus would never mess with him. (See what I put up with???) I guess that is for the better...because we all know how men are when they are sick! Anyway, I got to hang out with this for two weeks:

This was Jackson's ingenious way of not having to blow his nose all the time. Just stuff that kleenex up there and it absorbs for you! (This tactic was all well and good until he woke up one night crying...certain that he had stuffed his kleenex clear up to his brain and would have to go to the doctor to have it removed.)

Anyway, aside from being sick, we've been doing the typical fall stuff...pumpkin patch and all. To make a long story short...the boys got to "look" at pumpkins (I mean...why spend $20 on a pumpkin patch pumpkin when you can get a perfectly acceptable pumpkin at "the Wal-Mart" for 4 bucks???), they rode a pumpkin train, and got to enjoy other games.

And check out those scary Halloween costumes! Ha! For the big day, Jackson went as Tony Stewart (which I personally find very frightening that my child wanted to go as a NASCAR driver...thanks, Brad.) And next to Tony is our little chicken. Aren't they cute??

Our neighbor asked Jackson if he was a race car driver...his response? No! It's just a costume! Goof. So yes...we survived yet another Halloween (my least favorite holiday...bah humbug! There's just something about spending $50 on candy, sitting on the porch for 2 hours freezing my ass off...and handing out candy to people I don't know. Fun!!)

The best thing about's over!! Let's bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas. (Which...btw, I officially started wrapping Christmas gifts and listening to Christmas music!!) Now all we have to do is polish off the 30 pounds of candy the boys got and life will be back to normal.

Hope you all had a great October! I'll post some more pumpkin patch pics in a few days. (Promises, promises....)