Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Finger Paint.

Eeeeeeewwwwwwwww!! Look at those hands.

My parents gave the boys finger paint a couple of years ago. Yes, at least 2...and I finally got brave enough to let the boys use it! I'm not one for messes. Not that my house is always picked up (or ever, for that matter)...and I am definitely not a neat freak. But something about letting my kids get gooey just creeps me out. I'm trying to get better at this...really I am. I keep telling myself to let them be kids! Let them be boys! So today I did.

First things first...get all the gear and head outside. Second....dig the art smocks out of the back of the closet in order to keep them somewhat clean (it was a futile attempt). Third...and maybe most importantly...thank God that Crayola makes washable finger paint (so maybe I can relax and enjoy the mess...and the fun.)

Sawyer decided two things. One, he didn't want to get messy...and two, he was not about to wear a smock. I just kept telling myself -- it's ok. It's washable. The clothes are washable....the driveway is washable....and the kids are washable.

Even a little paint in the hair is no big deal...right?? Say it with's washable!

The important thing is they had fun....they got along (an added bonus)....

...and they each created a favorite masterpiece.

And maybe most importantly...we used all the paint, so I'm off the hook for a while!!

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  1. such a sweet moment and great pics! i can't wait until my boys can play together.