Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We had a good day at the store today...and that is something definitely blog-worthy. You see, with a soon-to-be 5 year old and a 2 1/2 year old, you just never know how a shopping trip is going to go down. Usually when we go shopping, there is a part of me that is nervous to take my kids out in public. Here are a few of our typical scenarios:

Scenario #1: Jackson wants to help Mommy push the cart. This one always turns out the same. Jackson is a good mommy's helper and at some point during every shopping trip he wants to help me push the grocery cart. Well, when you are only 3 feet tall, you have to really stretch your arms in order to reach the cart handle. More importantly, when your younger brother is sitting in the cart, his feet are right at the pusher's face level. Sawyer, being an instigator, can never resist the temptation to kick Jackson in the face. Of course this sends Jackson into a fury...and Sawyer into a laughing fit. This makes Jackson want to push the cart even more (because Sawyer won't let him) and results in more face kicking. Note: If you ever see a mother patiently (or not so patiently) trying to separate her children in a store...please smile at her. She's not having a good day.

Scenario #2: Jackson gets to put something in the cart....when of course Sawyer wanted to put that exact same thing and nothing else in the cart. It doesn't really matter who gets to put what in the cart...the other one wanted it and wanted to put it in the cart. This always results in a lecture that it doesn't matter who puts it in the cart...the outcome is the same. The item will end up at home. Unless, of course, you can't behave in the store and then the Ding Dongs are going back on the shelf!!! Note: If you see a mother raising her voice in a store...please don't call security. Ignore her. She's not having a good day.

Now, the reason I am so excited today is because I actually received a compliment while shopping. The boys were keeping themselves somewhat entertained by singing. And no, they weren't singing the usual Lada GaGa or Boom Boom Pow...they were singing none other than "Jesus Loves Me." And let me tell you...they were singing their hearts out! I saw an older woman shopping with her mother and they were both smiling at them. The daughter came over to me and said, "We sure are enjoying their singing!"

This made me feel wonderful! Not only were the boys behaving (somewhat), but they were also singing a wonderful song that everyone enjoyed. I said "thank you" and accepted the kind woman's compliment.

It's a good thing she saw us in aisle 5...because in aisle 3, they were pointing to items on the shelf and yelling, "Run! It's POOOOP!!"


  1. And now you understand why I always sat between you and T.C. in church :) Mom xxx

  2. LOL! I'm about to try a shopping trip with 3... Lord, help me.