Monday, August 3, 2009

Sports scholarship on its way!

I've always said that Jackson will get a scholarship for his brains and Sawyer will get a scholarship for his athletic capabilities. I mean, if you've ever been around these two boys, then you know that Jackson is our little analyzer and Sawyer is the one who will tackle you (or anyone) to the ground.

Well, last Monday, Jackson had his last "sports class" of the summer. It was nothing major...just a little class he did through our park & recreation center. Here is some video of him on the last day. Really, he's not this bad...but the video clip had to be shared. (Don't forget to pause the music.) is a little fancy footwork of Sawyer's. He was running backwards and having a great time. We've got some major talent in this family. Get ready to witness the "Sawyer Shuffle." (The Chicago Bears would be ever so proud.)

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