Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What do YOU do on the hottest day of the year??

Just as soon as I gush about how nice the weather has been....we get a heat wave! Oh well. I can't really complain seeing as this is the first time it's been in the 90's since June. Not too shabby.

So, what do normal people do when it is so hot out? Go to a lake? Go swimming? Run in the sprinkler? Of course! But...what do I make my family do when it is 90 degrees outside?? Go to the park and let mommy try out her new camera lens, of course! (Insert sounds of evil cackle.)

Yes, for my birthday, Brad got me a new camera lens. Unfortunately it had been back-ordered until now...but I finally got it! Weehoo for my new glass! (That's camera talk for you common folk. Aren't I so cool??) I must admit, everyone was actually excited about our little outing. The boys just couldn't believe there was a bridge at the park...to them this was another childhood adventure!

Here's a pic of our little angels walking hand-in-hand, as usual. (Ahem! Excuse me.)
Now...my little Sawyer is a pretty easy model. He's agreeable, happy, and usually does what Mommy tells him.
Jackson, on the other hand...is not quite so simple. He's busy. He's not as agreeable. And he'd rather not take pictures. But every now and then I can make him smile without saying "CHHEEEEEEEEEEEESE!"
Now...something I've discovered about these little family "photo outings" is that the boys have to have fun. You have to let them play. (Here they are playing "checkers" with rocks.)And you have to remember that little boys cannot sit still for long.But if you let them have fun, then you will be surrounded by happy boys. And happy boys are loving boys...
And loving boys make for happy mamas and papas.

The End.

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  1. they couldn't be any more adorable! i love it! the new lens takes awesome pics. And i love how the boys are dressed alike. I'm glad Jonah is finally in 12 month clothes so I can get one that match Trey. Funny - both our older boys have blond hair and younger boys have white white white. :)