Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My latest obsession. Brad probably wishes it weren't, because it sure is an expensive hobby! But I have such a great time trying to capture the boys in action...it's addicting. Hopefully, one of these days, I'll have the time and money to take a class and actually learn how to do it right. But until then, I'm just playing around and discovering things on my own.

I've decided that every now and then I am going to share some of my favorite photos with you. (Aren't you lucky??) Maybe one of these days I'll even be good!

I love this picture of Sawyer...his pouty little pink lips, his warm pink cheeks, and of course...those eyes! This one too...I could eat him up!
I like the grandiose feeling of this one. (How's that for a word?) It makes my boys look small against the big trees...and they are small...and I love that. (Because they're growing like crazy.) Anyway, the blog doesn't do this teeny picture much justice...but picture it as an 8 x 10 or bigger.I'll keep you updated with more faves as I find time to take them. (May be a while!)

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