Monday, September 28, 2009


I was reading a friend's blog the other day and she had a picture of her girls' most treasured "friends"...a.k.a. their "lovies." Call them lovies, blankies, animals...whatever. She had written an entire post about how important these things are to her kids.

It got me thinking about our house. In our house, we have Boppo, Froggy, and Monkey. Froggy and Monkey belong to Jackson. We have no back-ups for these guys, so it is very important to know where they are at all times. Jackson is to the point where his guys mostly stay in his bed for sleeping purposes...but if we ever leave the house for an overnight visit, then these guys are a must. And if we ever forgot them at someone's house, they would be one of the few reasons we would turn the car around. Sawyer, on the other hand, has Boppo. Boppo is a hippo...and that is how Sawyer said "hippo" when he first started talking....boppo. The name just stuck. Fortunately, by the time Sawyer was born I was smart enough to figure out I needed a backup for the dearly loved blankie he would sleep with. (I actually tried to get a backup Froggy when Jackson was little...but I waited too long and he rejected it. Now we have one original Froggy and two brand new reject Froggies.) Anyway, I wised up with Sawyer and did the ol' switcharoo with Boppo at an early I could wash him. It worked! (But please don't tell Sawyer because he doesn't know there is more than one.)

It is funny how kids "bond" with certain toys. And it's nice to know that they can find comfort in these little things when they need it.

I don't even want to think about the days when they are too big for their "friends." It'll never happen.

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  1. How wonderful. A great photographer, taking great photos, of great kids and sharing them immediately.
    Isn't life GRAND?