Monday, November 29, 2010

Advent Challenge.

In my current efforts to raise water for Living Water International, I came across a fantastic video.  The video has an amazing theme of buying less gifts and giving more presence.  Well...the past few days I have not been able to get this video out of my head....and I have been inspired to create my own advent challenge.  The challenge being:

Give my children 24 days of Advent presence.

Yes.  This year I am challenging, vowing, and committing myself to buying less gifts and giving more presence.  After all, what is Christmas really all about?  It's not about shopping all the best sales.  It's not about decorating the house from top to bottom with the teeny tiny possibility that Martha just may show up and see how perfect your decor is and pat you on the shoulder.  It's not about big.  Shiny.  Expensive.  It's about the birth of Christ.  Duuuuuh. 

But maybe we have forgotten this?  Maybe, just maybe we get too caught up in all the commercialism, consumerism and other isms this holiday season brings?

Enter Advent Challenge.

Everyday, from December 1st to December 24th I will spend quality time with my children focusing on Christmas.  We will bake (and I will let them get super messy).  We will make gifts for others (and I will let them get super messy).  We will sit and read 10 books at one time.  We will enjoy the season.  Together.

And maybe when Christmas morning comes and they see less gifts (eeeeek!!!) they will not care...because they know what Christmas is all about...and they will have already received lots of Christmas presence.

Do you wanna join me?  Even if you don't have kids (or kids at home) you can still be part of the challenge.  Give the gift of Advent presence to your spouse, yourself...or a different person everyday!

Oh...and check out the awesome video.  (Scroll over to the right and turn off the music.)

Disclaimer:  I know advent started last Sunday...but my challenge starts December 1st!

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