Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Hi.  I'm Sarah....and I'm a photoshop-a-holic.

I mean really.  So much for getting anything accomplished these days.  I've discovered how to add texture to my pictures and I am addicted.  So....before I start organizing and packing for vacation, I thought I'd share some photoshopping I did using some vintage coloring as well as texture.  Or, as I like to say...textchahhhh.  (Say it with me now.....textchahhh.)

And one you haven't seen textchahhh:

It's not something I'd want to do to all my photos...but it's pretty fun.  Now I just have to find more textures to use!  BTW....great tutorial here if you have Photoshop Elements and want to become addicted with me. 

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  1. Have I told you that I LOVE looking at your photos?!?!?!??! They are fab! You have a beautiful family and a great eye....Sarah Dahl, AZ