Thursday, January 7, 2010


I knew it would happen. I was sooooo dreading it...a snow day. I started watching the news last night and was SO excited when they cancelled the winter storm warning. Woohoo! No snow day?? You see, the reason I was so worried was because Thursday mornings are my "mornings off." Jackson has preschool and Sawyer has Mother's Day out...both from 9am until 1pm. So, today I had a doctor's appointment scheduled at 10am. That would give me just enough time to drop the boys off at school, maybe get myself a decaf Starbucks treat, and head to my doctor's appointment.

Being the super organized person that I am (ahem!), I woke up early to get myself ready before I woke the boys up. Checked the school closings. Nope. Boys' school not cancelled. Suh-weet! Home-free! So, I got the boys up, fed, and everyone piled into the car for school. As we trekked out into the crazy cell phone all of 8:58 am. "Sarah?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Yes," I said...rather nervously. (A random person calling my cell phone is never a good thing.)

"This is Mary, from Good Faith Baptist Church." (Names have been changed to protect the innocent...or not so innocent.) "All of our preschool and mother's day out programs are cancelled today, due to the weather."

"Oh. Thanks
," I said politely...getting off the phone....when really I wanted to go off. Seriously? Really??? This storm was predicted days ago. It started snowing at 3 am. SCHOOL STARTS IN TWO MINUTES AND JUST NOW YOU DECIDE TO CANCEL? WTH?

I had to break the bad news to the boys that there would be no school today. They were crushed. "Well, just go anyway, Mommy!" Sawyer kept saying. "Puh-lease!!" he cried, with tears in his eyes.

I kept trying to explain to him that nobody else would be there...and at this point I almost had tears in my realizing that I would be carting two children with me to my doctor's appointment! Fortunately they were so excited about eating their boxed lunches that I used that as a if they were good boys we would have a picnic in the living room and eat our boxed lunches.

Fortunately it worked! We survived the one hour drive to the hospital (which is usually a 20 minute trip), read books in the waiting room, and made it through the appointment and a blood draw with two happy boys. The doctor even commented on how well behaved they were! (Thank goodness. All I need is for everyone to think geez lady, you have two crazy kids now...why are you having more!?! Seriously, the thought of people thinking that I'm overpopulating kinda' freaks me out. It's that same feeling you get when you are checking out at Wal-Mart with 2 screaming kids and a pregnancy test in your cart. So not good.)

Anyway! After surviving the morning and our "picnic," we ventured outside to play in the snow. Fun! (And this is why I get to blog...the boys were so wiped out that they are BOTH taking naps.)

Of course the first thing you have to do is make a snow angel...and get completely covered in snow!

Sawyer quickly realized that being covered in snow is really only fun for about 2 seconds. You also have to make snowballs.And throw them!

And I know you're digging Sawyer's crazy orange retro-something-ish snow pants. Boy, those black ones sell out quickly! Oh know what they say...ugly orange snow pants are better than no snow pants at all!

This one had fun too!

He's still thawing out in the laundry room.

The best part is...we'll all sleep well tonight!!

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